Scallops and Mini Vegetable Terrine


25 scallops
3 leeks, 2 carrots,
2 shallot onions, tarragon, chives
300 g perch
250 g fresh cream
2 whole eggs
olive oil, cognac, salt, pepper, saffron


Cut the leeks and carrots into strips and blanch.
Pan-fry the scallops in olive oil.
Add the chopped shallots and flambé in the cognac.
Season with salt and pepper
Perch stuffing:
Grind the flesh. Add salt and pepper, the cream and the egg whites.
Divide mixture in two.
Add the saffron and egg yolks to one half.
Add the chopped herbs to the other half.
Layer your mold with alternating strips of leeks and carrots. Between each layer, add the stuffing, alternating between the two mixtures.
Cooking: Cook for 1 hour at 120°C.
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