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 display and serve. Natural
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Innovation and Industrial property Rights


An SME can only develop by INNOVATING the products it has to offer.
That is the PANIBOIS strategy.
1994 :
1- The invention of the wooden baking mold (THE PANI-MOULE) by daring to bake bread in a wooden container originally designed to hold strawberries. (patented)
2- Invention of an instant gluing process for damp, peeled wood. (patented)
1998 :
Development of a new type of banneton (the PANI-POUSSE), lighter than wicker, quicker to manufacture and lined with a removable - and therefore washable - linen cloth. (registered design)
1999 :
Launch at the Bakery-Patisserie world trade show (EUROPAIN) of the wooden Tart Ring (the PANI-TARTE) (patented). The company is awarded the EUROPAIN small equipment trophy.
2001 :
PANIBOIS converts all its machinery so that containers are glued rather than stapled, thus responding to client concerns that the staples could corrode and affect food products. This also enables the products to pass metal detectors unhindered and be used in microwave ovens.
2004 :
Invention of a new octagonal shape (patent), and named OCTORON. (Registered trademark). Invention of a new octagonal shape (patent), and named OCTORON. (Registered trademark).Invention of a new octagonal, almost round shape (patented) named OCTORON (registered trademark).
2008 :
Launch of PANI-SET, in sewn, woven wood to match our Pani-Tartes and Pani-Tourtes.

The inventor of the wooden baking mould